Celtic Tarot (78 card deck)


By G. Gaudenzi and S Tenuta

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Like the Tarot itself, Celtic myth and legend arises from a luminous space to connect the earthly experience to the spiritual world. The Celtic Tarots combine the mysteries of Celtic lore, the wisdom of the Tarot, and the exquisite art of Gaudenzi and Tenuta. Traditional in structure, the deck features fully illustrated pips that reflect the complexity, passion, and pain of daily life. The first 10 cards refer to the legends of conflict between the Fomori and the Tuartha De Danann (the era of myths). Trumps 10-14 are linked to the epic cycle of the Ulaid (the epoch of heroes). The remaining Arcana illustrate the legend of the Fianna (the era of history). All cards are labeled with Italian, English, French, German, and Spanish titles. Includes 78 full-color cards and 14-pp. fold-out instruction sheet in English.