Moldavite (Raw, Rough, Natural) Ring


This ring with natural raw moldavite in sterling slver is all about transformation and change, reaching your highest potential, and achieving your goals. Moldavite is a STONE of CHANGE,  If you are not ready for that be warned. This brings about great shifts in ones life and powerful energy into ones aura. This a a stone of attunement for the soul.

How can this crystal help you in your life? See the description below for a list of the physical, emotional, and spiritual properties of moldavite.

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Promotes & Enhances

  • Change and Transformation in Your Life
  • Deeper Spiritual Experiences and Development
  • Manifestation of Higher Destiny
  • Connection to Guides
  • Visions and Insight
  • Expanded Consciousness Mediation
  • Connection with Star-Born Energy
  • Extraterrestrial Past Life Connection
  • Kundalini Activation

Chakra: All but especially 4th/Heart Chakra and 6th/Third Eye Chakra

Astrological Sign: All

Element: Air


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Ring Size

Size 6.5