Mystery Teachings From The Living Earth: An Introduction To Spiritual Ecology


by John Michael Greer

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The authentic teachings of the mystery schools offer a profoundly different way of making sense of the universe and our place in it. In Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth, ecologist and Druid initiate John Michael Greer offers an introduction to the core teachings of the mysteries through the mirror of the natural world.

Using examples from nature as a touchstone, Greer takes readers on a journey into the seven laws of the mystery traditions:

* the Law of Wholeness

* the Law of Flow

* the Law of Balance

* the Law of Limits

* the Law of Cause and Effect

* the Law of Planes

* the Law of Evolution

Greer explains each law, offering meditation, an affirmation, and a theme for reflection, to show how the seven laws can bring meaning and power into our everyday lives.

Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth reveals one of the great secrets of the mysteries—that the laws of nature are also the laws of spirit.