Elephant Oil Diffuser

Elephant clay pottery oil diffusers.  Color is in a brown/tan finish that is close but may vary slightly from photo.   Elephants are considered to be the symbol of luck, wisdom, fertility and protection. Unique holes carved out of the clay and allows the light to emit out into your environment.

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Raven, Raku Hanging Ornament – Crow

Makes a perfect gift for the raven or crow lover in your life.  With gorgeous flame-created colors, this ornament can be hung anywhere you need a bit of beauty and magic.

The words “I am Fearless” are imprinted on the back.

3″ diameter

Each piece is hand made and unique.  Yours may be slightly different but just as beautiful as the one pictured.

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Owl, Raku Pottery Heart

Medallions are 1 1/2″ – 2″ diameter

A colorful raku medallion is a perfect keepsake for yourself or someone you love.  Medallions make perfect little gifts for friends, family, coworkers, or classmates – especially when you need several small gifts for a group of people.

Raku Medallions come in assorted crackle colors and copper gloss glazes.  Each one is crafted by hand.  Each medallion is a unique work of art and will not be exactly like the one pictured.  We will pick a beautiful one out just for you.


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