Disco Design, Soapstone, Cup, Cone and Stick, Incense Holder

Disco design, soapstone, cup, cone and stick, incense holder is your go to incense burner. Turn lids of cone box upside-down to burn incense sticks Handcrafted by Fair Trade cottage industry partners in India. Height 2″

Soapstone colors may vary from what is shown in photo, but the design will be the same as shown.  There are many beautiful colors of soapstone from a warm beige or gray to a reddish or greenish brown or a very dark brown.  Some are a solid color and others are marbled mix of two or three colors.  We will pick out a beautiful one just for you!

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Pentacle Double Compartment Wooden Incense Burner and Holder

This pentacle incense burner holds incense for burning and also has a storage area underneath to store incense or other treasures.

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Star Box Incense Burner

Great size incense burner is multi-functional!

1) You can burn incense-up to 5 incense sticks by flipping the lid over and using the holes on top.

2) You can burn cones

3) You can burn resin or herbs over charcoal.

Colors may vary slightly. You will receive one of the patterns shown in photos.

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