Lucid Dreams, Aromatherapy Essential Oils Scent Inhaler, A Plant Derived Extract for Improving Dream Recall

Lucid Dreams Aromatherapy Essential Oils Scent Inhaler to improve dream quality and dream recall.

Daydreams Aromatherapy Essential Oils Scent Inhaler. A Unique Product that Couples Plant Derived Extracts with Self Hypnosis. An Affirmation Oil Inhaler that Couples Plant Derived Extracts with Self Hypnosis. Scent Inhaler Lucid Dreams Gain insight through daydreams with the Law of Attraction and aromatherapy with this Affirmation Oil combination.

Increases visualization, improves dream recall, repels nightmares and promotes intuitive insight and this Scent inhaler Lucid Dreams covers:

  • Clove Essential Oil: Refreshes imagination
  • Lime Essential Oil: Improves visualization
  • Anise Essential Oil: Clears negativity
  • Clary Sage Essential Oil: Promotes intuition
  • Frankincense Essential Oil: Opens mind to meditation and enlightenment
  • Lavender Essential Oil: Balances
  • Patchouli Essential Oil: Calms

Contains premium essential oils plus jojoba. Plant-derived. All natural.

All Essential Oil Inhalers use 100% Pure, Therapeutic and Organic. Also, essential oils used for their benefits in helping to address the following issue.

In addition, To get the best results, repeat the affirmation as you inhale the scent of this essential oil blend. Because, with repetition, the positive affirmation will naturally become associated with the aroma.

“As I breathe in clove, anise star and clary sage, I am reminded to remain present with my visions so I may gain wisdom and insight as I journey beyond the physical world.”

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