Abalone Shell

You can tap into your inner mermaid with the warm ocean energy of abalone shell. Abalone shell fosters a gentle energy of peace, communication, compassion and love. Abalone shell is deeply connected with the water element, ocean and mermaid realm.

Price is for one crystal. Photo shows some of the variations in size, color and quality that are possible. Each crystal is unique. No two are exactly the same or exactly as the ones pictured. We will do our best to select a special one just for you.

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Mermaid, Raku Hanging Ornament

Mermaid magic!  Makes a perfect gift for the ocean lover lover in your life.

With gorgeous flame-created colors, this ornament can be hung anywhere you need a bit of whimsy and ocean energy.

The words “I live free” are imprinted on the back.
3″ diameter

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