Rose of Jericho, Jericho Flower, Resurrection Flower

Filled with potent spiritual energy, you can use the Rose of Jericho in any spell or ritual in which you want to manifest rebirth, new life, or new awakenings.

This unique ancient plant is renowned for its resurrection abilities, coming back to life after periods of drought. Use it as a symbol of renewal and purification in protection and growth rituals. Each plant is expertly chosen and packaged to guarantee top quality. Simply place the dried plant in water and witness it revive, ready for your next ritual. Elevate your spiritual toolkit with the transformative energy of the Rose of Jericho today.

These flowers of Mexico are of great to use in love spells to bring to life a love that has died or create love where there was none before. Also good for money and abundance spells.  Sometimes called Rose of Jericho, or resurrection flower.

Put it in water and watch in come back to life – like your wishes!

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