Dead Sea Salt

One pound.


Use for a luxurious, organic bath experience. Will relax your muscles and smooth and infuse skin with essential minerals such as sodium, magnesium, potassium. Enhances skin’s ability to retain moisture, making it smooth and healthy. Gently removes harmful environmental particles from your skin.

Origin:  Israel

Safety Guideline: For external use only. Not for use on infants or children with glucose-6 phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency.

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Himalayan Pink Bath Salts

One Kg/2.2 lbs


Our Himalayan Bath Salt is the purest form of salt mined deep inside the mighty Himalayas. It contains 84 minerals and trace elements and is used for detoxification & remineralization of the human body.

Himalayan Salt harmonizes the weak points while creating a soothing and purifying effect. A bath with these salts will leave your body feeling soft, re-hydrated and energetic.

How to use

For therapeutic bath, add 500 gr. of salt for 50 liters of water. Soak in bath for 20 minutes. Do not rinse, but gently dry yourself without rubbing. After the bath, it is recommended to take a 30 minute rest. Do not exceed two baths per week. For everyday use, add a handful of salt to your bath and rejuvenate yourself.  Great for adding your essential oils to.

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Sea Salt, Zum Mist, 4 fl. oz.

Sea Salt, Zum Mist, 4 fl. oz., you’ll be breaking blahs with a mist that relaxes in a refreshing citrus and restores skin with natural sea salts.

You can use this lovely mist as body spray, aromatherapy shower sauna, hair freshener, linen lover, bathroom buddy, car companion.

With just a few squirts, Zum Mist spritzes away bad vibes and nasty funk, leaving you in an aromatherapy paradise.

Spin the bottle and dare to feel good any which way you can imagine.

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