Inner Peace, Aromatherapy Essential Oils Scent Inhaler, A Plant Derived Extract for Anxiety Relief

Inner Peace Aromatherapy Essential Oils Scent Inhaler improves the outlook on life, by reducing anxiety and creating calm within.

Inner Peace Aromatherapy Essential Oils Scent Inhaler – An Affirmation Oil Inhaler that Couples Plant Derived Extracts with Mindfulness Quotes.

Scent Inhaler Inner Peace – Achieve Inner Peace through the Law of Attraction. Find inner peace with a stress remedy of essential oils that that helps bring to mind an affirmation that is uplifting and reassuring and this scent inhaler inner peace covers:

  • Orange Essential Oil: Brings joy to the heart
  • Clove Bud Essential Oil: Allows for greater serenity
  • Geranium Essential Oil: Great for de-stressing
  • Lavender Essential Oil: Calms the nerves
  • Patchouli Essential Oil: Encourages Peace, love and understanding

Contains premium essential oils plus jojoba. Plant-derived. All natural.

All Essential Oil Inhalers use 100% Pure, Therapeutic and Organic. Also, essential oils used for their benefits in helping to address the issue.

In addition, To get the best results, repeat the affirmation as you inhale the scent of this essential oil blend. Because, with repetition, the positive affirmation will naturally become associated with the aroma.

“As I breathe in clove, geranium, lavender, orange, and patchouli, I am reminded to live peacefully with balance, forgiveness and with loving kindness.”

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