Moldavite, Raw, Natural, Rough


approximately 2.5 cm x 1 cm, 2.2 grams


Authentic high quality Moldavite from the Czech Republic. Do you want change and transformation in your life?  This small but power packed specimen will help you manifest your higher destiny.  Moldavite is a wonderful tool for meditation and spiritual growth.  It also aids in connecting to your guides and exploring your extraterrestrial past life connections.

Each specimen comes with a certificate of authenticity.
Photos are backlit to show the detail of the moldavite.

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Promotes & Enhances

  • Change and Transformation in Your Life
  • Deeper Spiritual Experiences and Development
  • Manifestation of Higher Destiny
  • Connection to Guides
  • Visions and Insight
  • Expanded Consciousness Mediation
  • Connection with Star-Born Energy
  • Extraterrestrial Past Life Connection
  • Kundalini Activation

Chakra:  All but especially 4th/Heart Chakra and 6th/Third Eye Chakra

Astrological Sign:  All

Element:  Air