Rosewood “BLEND” Essential Oil


Rosewood Blend

Rosewood is becoming extinct.  Rosewood Essential Oil is no longer available.  If you see it for sale somewhere (other than very small quantities/drops or in a blend) – it is either old stock that they still have or it is illegal or adulterated.

Our Rosewood Essential Oil BLEND is wonderful and smells just like Rosewood Oil.  It is a combination of just a little bit of Rosewood Essential Oil, Ho Wood, and a mixture of other Woods and Plant Products.  It is from Brazil.  Rosewood comes from the rainforest and the government in Brazil is trying to use this new blend to replenish the supply of rosewood trees.  They grow slowly.  Just a small amount of rosewood oil is in the blend.

Available in 1/8 oz. and 1/4 oz. only.

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