Heart of A Course in Miracles


by Michael Mirdad

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A Course in Miracles is part of the foundation of nearly every single spiritual teacher and author today. With over two-million copies sold, the Course is one of the best-selling books in self-help, “New Age” genre. Nevertheless, many students on the path find the material to be too complicated and heady. The Heart of A Course in Miracles explains the 12 primary concepts found in the Course in a powerful, yet clear and applicable manner. It brings the heart and soul back into the Course.

Topics include:

* Creating Miracles

* Having a God Day: Starting the Day with God

* How It All Began: Bliss & Oneness vs. Separation

* Love vs. Fear

* God’s Holy Spirit vs. the Ego

* Forgiveness vs. Judgment

* Innocence vs. Guilt and Shame

* Reality vs. Illusion

* Responsibility vs. Projecting

* The Spiritual World vs. The Material World

* The Unlimited Soul vs. The Limited Body

* How It All Ends: Holy Relationships vs. Special Relationships

This powerful book is intended to be read slowly, with thought and reflection. This book is clear, easy to read, and easy to apply . . . and has already proven profoundly effective to many thousands of clients and students who have applied the principles of this incredible book.

Drawn from the author’s 30 years of teaching, healing, and spiritual counseling, this book highlights both new and time-tested principles for understanding and applying the 12 primary concepts found in A Course in Miracles. In so doing, Mirdad makes the Course material fresh, powerful, and accessible to people of all walks of life.