Turquoise Pendant, Native American


This beautiful Native American Turquoise Pendant has veining that accents the incredible bright color of the Kingman Turquoise. This pendant will help provide you with balance, intuition, and clear communication.  Do you need to deepen your quest for discovery into yourself and environment? if you do, this pendant may be just what you need.

Native American Made

Navajo Artist Scott Skeets

Stamped Sterling and S.Skeets on the back

How can this crystal help you in your life? See the description below for a list of the physical, emotional, and spiritual properties of turquoise.



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Promotes & Enhances

  • Spiritual Attunement
  • Communication
  • Meditation
  • Protection, Especially while Traveling
  • Deflecting Negativity
  • Enhanced Prana
  • Self-Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance
  • Calm, Tranquility, Peace of Mind
  • Alignment of the Chakras
  • Loyalty and Friendship
  • Tissue Regeneration

Helps Alleviate & Heal

  • Headaches
  • Lung Issues
  • Circulation and Blood Flow
  • Nervous System Issues
  • Physical Injuries

Chakra:  5th/Throat Chakra

Astrological Sign:  Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio

Element:  Air



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