"I LOVE IT. I can walk in and feel the energy, the warmth and the GOODNESS. It takes me to a HAPPY PLACE."

-Mary Ellen Zettlemoyer

Facebook review 5 star

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"Had overwhelming synchronicities from my first visit at this store! It has a beautiful energy and love abides."

Kristi Raugh Facebook review 5 star

"Absolute love this store. As soon as you walk in the aroma of the place just sets the vibe. Unique gifts , inspiriting items and a wonderful shopping experience."

Chritina Hess Facebook review 5 star

"This place is fantastic! It has the highest density of goods per square foot of any store in the Universe. The people that work there are quite possibly in the top 0.5% of nicest humans in recorded history."

"What you will find: crystals, semi-precious gemstones, polished stones and quartzes, incense(s), essential oils, bumper stickers, exotic clothing, statues, music, books, homeopathic herbs and healing remedies, home decor items, greeting cards, jewelry. There might be more but I only had an hour to look around."

"Bring friends, but not too many-the shop is small but mighty!"

Full C Enola, PA

"It's such an awesome store. I could spend hours in there just looking around. You think you have seen everything then you turn around and see something you didn't see before when you were just looking at that display. I will definitely be back."

Ellen N Bennett Facebook review 5 star

"I love this store. I walked through a couple times just browsing and wanted to buy everything. I will be back and recommend it to anyone that is passionate about anything from crystals to oils to all natural lotions. So much to buy for everyone."

Jessica White Facebook review 5 star

"In love with this store, it overflows with positive vibes and has a kind, caring, and knowledgeable staff. Saving my pennies for next time."

Jessica Muldoon Facebook review 5 star

"Such a huge selection for such a small shop, there is nowhere quite like it."

Damien Atman Facebook review 5 star

"A great place to acquire all your witchy supplies. The staff is courteous and helpful. A truly wonderful shop."

Clay Rivers Facebook review 5 star

"The most awesome store ever for all your witchy needs!"

Michele Hollie Collins Facebook review 5 star

"I LOVE this store! I ALWAYS shop here for my rings & incense & candles! The employees are so nice & welcoming. I WILL continue to come back!"

Veronica Howard

Facebook review 5 star