Agate, Opalized White, Tumbled


You can bring spirituality into your life with opalized white agate. This gemstone aids in improving mental functions and helps you think clearly especially when you are concerned about pressing issues. Opalized white agate performs its magical work slowly, which helps to brings yin and yang energies into balance. Opalized white agate is a stone of peace and serenity. It can help you release constricting mind frames as well as toxins from the immune system. You can also use white opalized agate to build confidence and inner strength. You can tap into energies of peace, calmness, purity, and protection using opalized white agate.

Price is for one crystal. Photo shows some of the variations in size, color and quality that are possible. Each crystal is unique. No two are exactly the same or exactly as the ones pictured. We will do our best to select a special one just for you.

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