Cherry Quartz, Skull, Man Made


Man-made crystal but so cool!  Look at the spiral on the side and the sparkly color on the other side.  This cherry quartz skull just radiates love, healing, kindness, and inner peace. The contemplative skull shape and the unique coloration of this treasure create a wonderful meditation focal point or altar piece. Price is for the skull shown.

Crystal skulls are used spiritually for enlightenment and communication with the divine. A great tool for scrying, meditation, psychic development, channeling, accessing ancient wisdom, and manifesting.

Crystal skulls have been used in some cultures for thousands of years. The skulls were used as a portal to access other dimensions of the mind. The extra-terrestrial connection with crystal skulls has been noted throughout history as being a supreme channeling device. Others think ancient aliens used them like computers to store the knowledge and wisdom of the ancestors and that that we will be able to access that information someday.

No one is sure about the origins of crystal skulls. It is a mystery. Some believe they came from ancient human civilizations like the Mayans. Others believe think they were originally made in Atlantis or Lemuria. A third theory is that they were made by extraterrestrials.

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