Prophecy Stone #3 (42.2 grams)


Prophecy stones are very unique and often hard to find.   They are from the desert of Libya, the same area where Libyan Gold Tektites and some types of meteorites are also found.

Prophecy Stones encourage prophetic messages and visions once you have formed a bond with your stone. They also encourage guidance from higher realms about the future. Use yours regularly during meditation to help you form a strong relationship with your stone.  It is a perfect companion for shamanic journeying.  It helps ground spiritual light and energy into the body.  It works well when used with Moldavite and Shaman Stones.

They are also a wonderful stone to use for healing.  They help release cellular toxins from the body and help support the body through chemotherapy and radiation.

Prophecy stones can also enhance your memory and stimulate your ability to think more clearly.

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42.2 grams