Relaxing Essential Oil Blend, 1/3 oz.


You can enjoy the scent of Relaxing Essential Oil Blend, 1/3 oz. has Essential Oils of Cedarwood, Sweet Orange, and Ylang Ylang.

10 ml. (1/3 oz.)


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A perfectly sweet blend full of lightness and peace. It’s very inviting with the warmth of a ray of sunshine, exuding feelings of happiness and bliss, and bringing instant stress relief.

  • Taking a bath with this blend is like floating in a big, fragrant, delicious desert. Simply blend up to 10 drops with one of our Carrier/Base Oils or some Half & Half (in order to prevent the oil from floating on the surface), and add it to the bath water.
  • This is a true classic that should not be missing in your collection of diffuser oils.


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