Mother Nature Essential Oil Blend, 1/3 oz.


You can enjoy the scent of Mother Nature Essential Oil Blend, 1/3 oz. includes Essential Oils of Clary Sage, Benzoin, Mandarin Orange, Nutmeg, Palmarosa, Petitgrain, Ylang Ylang.

10 ml. (1/3 oz.)


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Green, lush and sweet, this synergy makes you feel like you are walking into a fragrant garden. The light aroma is full of the vibrating energy of Clary Sage, and wonderful as a diffuser blend or as a room spray.

  • For use as a room spray, add 10 drops to 1oz. of distilled water in a mister bottle, shake well and spray liberally.
  • Also great as an additive to body care and spa treatment products.
  • You can use our Carrier Oils and Unscented Body Care Products to customize all your Aromatherapy and Personal Care needs. Recommended dilution for Essential Oils and Blends is 1% (9 drops per 1oz. of base product) for general applications, or 0.5% (4 drops per 1oz. of base product) for facial and sensitive area applications.
  • You may want to enrich a bath with Mother Nature Blend by blending up to 10 drops with one of our Carrier/Base Oils or some Half & Half prior to adding it to the water (in order to prevent the oil from floating on the surface).


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