Muscle Warm Essential Oil Blend, 1/3 oz.


You can enjoy the scent of Muscle Warm Essential Oil Blend, 1/3 oz. has Essential Oils of Birch, Rosemary, Bay Laurel, Juniper Berry, Black Pepper, Ginger Root, Cinnamon Leaf, Wintergreen, and German Chamomile.

10 ml. (1/3 oz.)

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Ideal for warming up muscles or to relax tense tissue, this therapeutic blend was developed for pre-workout sports massage, or to work on inflexible, aching or tight muscle groups.

Spas located in ski resorts or fitness centers use this blend a lot to add its therapeutic warmth and stimulation to their massage treatments.

  • Create your own Muscle Warm Massage Oil for sports massage.
  • You can use our Carrier Oils and Unscented Body Care Products to customize all your Aromatherapy and Personal Care needs. Recommended dilution for Essential Oils and Blends is 1% (9 drops per 1oz. of base product) for general applications, or 0.5% (4 drops per 1oz. of base product) for facial and sensitive area applications.
  • Please note that this blend can be used for customizing massage oil, however, due to its Cinnamon content it is not recommended for use in conjunction with water or any water-based product, including lotion, shower gel, in a bath, etc.


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